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June 26, 2014

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Doug Eagle at Eagle Sound Studio, Durango CO

5 Stars!
Absolutely awesome and inspiring CD! Just like the other reviewers, I'm playing this CD so often I'm concerned I will wear it out. So much musical skill, so much heartfelt emotion, so much fantastic style and awesome, socially conscious and lyrics. These young guys are the real deal. And boy can they play!

And the production quality of the recording is outstanding. This CD is a gem. From the first song to the last it epitomizes the slogan "All killer, no filler!"

These guys feature the traditional bluegrass instrument line-up with the exception of substituting cello for fiddle. And what a great twist! And what a great cello player! Blow you away!

It was just a few weeks ago I first encountered Sweetwater String Band at the Parkfield Bluegrass Festival and they emerged as my favorite of the dozen or so great bands I experienced there. I bought the CD at the show and continue to be blown away by it. This is modern, progressive bluegrass, grounded in the tradition, but carrying it forward into the 21st Century in a respectful and powerful manner. This band without a doubt will draw more people into the bluegrass world but satisfy those who love to boogie. I've played this CD dozens of times and I'm still hearing new aspects that inspire me.

- David Ciaffardini

"The band have created a work of both intimacy and wide-scale, cinematic vistas. A work which juxtaposes serious insight and commentary with bright, often jaunty, almost athletic arrangements... The Sweetwater String Band are an incredibly together unit, and understand their music and each other. Their playing and their harmonies are intuitive, and they display a great deal of respect for what they are doing... River Of Rhymes is one of those records which are instantly likeable, a truly worthy listen. The songs are great, their playing immaculate, and their approach and subject matters fascinating. The band have an interesting sound, diverse and different."
- Gideon Thomas, No Depression

2011 Debut Album Available Free on NoiseTrade

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